Annual meeting of Western practitioners

Post-meeting summary

The Western Region Annual Meeting was held at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle, September 27– 28, 2013. Network staff hosted a reception Friday evening and a full day of programs on Saturday for the 62 attendees who received 7 hours of continuing education credit. The Saturday sessions included keynote presentations on Evidence-Based Dentistry, network updates, and overviews of approved network studies. Practitioners discussed two upcoming studies; the Cracked Tooth Registry and Suspicious Occlusal Caries study during the morning breakout sessions. The afternoon breakout sessions focused on studies currently in development such as Dentin Hypersensitivity, HPV and Oral Cancer, Success of Single-Unit Crown Fabrication, Hygiene Recall and Periodontal Management.  Attendees also shared suggestions on how the National Network can most effectively engage practitioners. Pediatric dentists discussed study concepts for allergies and several radiograph topics, and orthodontists reviewed the recent AAO survey on topics of importance to members. It was a highly productive meeting and feedback was positive. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to meet face-to-face with colleagues from across the region and network staff.