Midwest region practitioner-investigators help champion the new network

The most recent issue of Northwest Dentistry highlights the National Dental PBRN. NW Dentistry is the journal of Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) and is well read by dentists in the state, the majority of whom are MDA members. 

We are pleased to report that this communication effort was not the work of network staff, but of the practice-based research leader/champions in the Midwest Region, several of whom have been actively involved in both PBRN studies and have served on MDA’s Evidence-Based Dentistry Taskforce.  A tremendous thank you to the authors for initiating and coming through with a very nice publication.
Not Just in the "Ivory Tower": Research in Your Office for Your Patients!  Gary C. Anderson, DDS, MS, Patrick Foy, DDS, Douglas Shamp, DDS, D. Brad Rindal, DDS, and Patricia Glasrud, RDH, MPH
Past and present members and staff of the Taskforce on Evidence-Based Dentistry of the Minnesota Dental Association: Dylla J, Foy P, Jason C, Johnson N, L’Abbe S,  Miller J, Powers J, Quiram  P, Rindal DB, Shamp D, Templeton B, Diercks D, Glasrud P, Hanson L, Kramer L, and Anderson GC, Chair.