An Internet Intervention to Improve Oral Cancer Prevention

This was an internet-based clinical trial of oral cancer prevention. Eligibility required internet access in the dental practice. The project was directed at prevention of oral cancer in dentistry by offering internet education and tools for the practice and support for all members of the practice. The project was not very time consuming, did not require training beforehand, and enhanced preventive care and risk management in the practice. To participate, each practice: (a) completed a series of internet continuing education modules; (b) encouraged its staff to support the project by also completing the modules; (c) designated a staff member to distribute 100 postcard surveys to patients at four different times for total of 400 postcards; (d) used the educational tools to enhance the preventive care in the practice. In addition to other benefits, the practice was paid an honorarium for its participation. Due to the success of the recruitment of this study, we increased the number of participants from the original plan of 140 and recruited 190 practitioners into the study. Any information that was provided is confidential and only reported in the aggregate. This project was primarily funded by an R01 grant from NIDA and NIDCR (R01-DA-17971).