Annual meeting of South Central practitioners

Post-meeting summary

The Annual South Central Region meeting of practitioners was held March 1 and 2, 2013 at the beautiful Ross Bridge Resort and Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.  A total of 125 members attended (106 dentists, 9 hygienists, 6 staff, and 4 guests) and received 5.5 hours of continuing education credit.

Dr. Sonia Makhija (Deputy Director of the South Central Region) gave a presentation about how being part of the network can advance your practice.  This was followed by Dr. George Allen, network Executive Committee member, who spoke about studies currently in development and his experiences on the Executive Committee.  Finally, Dr. Don DeNucci (NIDCR Program Official) spoke about the history and future of NIDCR-sponsored practice-based research networks.
The overall meeting consisted of four breakout sessions:
Dr. Gery Anderson, practitioner from Selma, AL, spoke about a new study proposal suspicious occlusal caries lesions.  This was followed by a presentation from Dr. Wendy Holder, practitioner from Alexander City, AL, who gave a presentation about electronic dental records and introduced a new study proposal. The attendees were assigned into breakout groups to discuss these two new proposals and re-convened later for a panel group discussion.

Dr. Jocelyn McClelland, practitioner from Alabaster, AL, discussed a new study proposal about cracked teeth.  This was followed by Dr. Allen Kessler, who presented study results on pain and root canal therapy.  After these two presentations, attendees were assigned into breakout groups to discuss these presentations and gathered back for a panel group discussion. 
Thanks to all who attended this meeting and for making it such a great success!