Annual meeting of Southwest practitioners

Post-meeting summary

The 1st Annual Southwest Region meeting was held February 22, 2013 at beautiful Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, TX. This meeting was a premier event for the Southwest Region including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. The theme for the 2013 meeting was “Research Defining the Future of Oral Health”. A total of 64 members attended (40 dentists, 23 hygienists, 1 PhD) and received 5 hours of continuing education credit.

Dr. Thomas Oates presented the opening remarks followed by Dr. DeNucci who introduced the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network and gave an overall history of the network. The overall meeting consisted of four presentations and three breakout sessions.
·         Network Orientation - Stephanie Reyes (Regional Coordinator)
·         All About Research In 5 Easy Lessons - Sandra Burge
·         Concerns for Bisphosphonate-Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (BONJ) affecting Clinical Practice - Cara Gonzales
·         Research Projects in the Pipeline - Gregg Gilbert
Breakout Sessions:
·         Breakout Session 1: Recruitment
For this breakout session, both dentists and hygienists discussed the following: what excited them about the network; what motivated them to join; the features of the enrollment process; suggestions to recruit potential members; and suggestions to recruit current members for studies. Members offered help with recruitment by:  handing out literature; engaging their staff; and spreading the word at their local dental/hygiene societies and study clubs. Members wanted a practitioner advisory group to help with recruitment by hosting small group events and giving presentations; to be provided with literature and email  templates with information members can distribute; and to maintain a presence at local, regional and national dental meetings
·         Breakout Session 2: Research Idea Generation
For this breakout session, the focus question was: “What research topics do dentists and dental hygienists in the Southwest Region want to address over the next two years that truly enhance clinical practice?”. Members identified research areas of interest that could be addressed in the dental office/clinics and 19 ideas were generated from this interactive activity.
·         Breakout Session 3: Research Topic Discussion
For this breakout session, members chose an area of interest from the ideas generated from Breakout Session 2 to develop into an actual research question. Several great questions were developed in this session.
For the post-meeting newsletter sent out to all attendees, please click here.