Annual Network meeting of South Atlantic practitioners

The Network 2012 South Atlantic Region Annual Meeting was held at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center in Gainesville, FL. The meeting allowed attendees a meaningful opportunity to interact and to complete the training necessary to participate in in-office research studies. Over seventy participants from all five states, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, attended the meeting and received up to 6.5 hours of continuing education credits.  Dr. Jeffrey Meral, practitioner from Coral Springs, FL, provided a video testimonial. 

Dr. Gordan opened the meeting with introductions after which Dr. DeNucci presented “History and Future: NIDCR Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRN) Designed to gather clinical evidence for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases”.                                                        


As part of the orientation and training of clinicians, several presentations were given: Ms. Deborah McEdward, research coordinator for the Network, presented the requirements for participation in in-office research, Dr. Bajwa, Director Regulatory Knowledge and Support Program (CTSI), discussed good clinical practice with special emphasis on the guidelines necessary to conduct research in the South Atlantic Region of the network, Ms. B. Dianne Farb, University of Florida Associate University Counsel for Research and Health Affairs, talked about research consent. Brenda Thacker, research coordinator for the Network, introduced all the forms required for in-office research participation.  During all presentations practitioners had a discussion period to answer any questions that they had about in-office research.  



Pearl Ann Harris, research coordinator for the Network, introduced the breakout sessions which were lead by Dr. George Ford, Georgia private practitioner and Executive Committee Member, and Dr. Stanley Asensio, Florida private practitioner. Dr. Ford delivered information about the network’s previous study “Repair and Replacement of Defective Restorations” and Dr. Asensio presented the study findings from the network’s completed study “Patient Satisfaction with a Dental Restoration Visit”.  

The afternoon was filled with round table, floor and panel discussions. Dr. Riley presented the final topic of the day by explaining how clinicians can refine a research question and design a study. Clinicians actively participated in all discussions and presentations by reporting the results of their interactions at the conclusion of the meeting,