The National Dental PBRN is enrolling new practitioners. The first step in the enrollment process is to complete a questionnaire about you and your practice. If you would like to complete the Enrollment Questionnaire, please CLICK HERE. You will be asked to enter your email address and last name.

Enrollment and maintenance of membership is at no cost to you.

You can participate in research projects that benefit your practice with participation at one of three levels depending on your interest: 1. informational (receive newsletters and correspondence only); 2. limited (also participate in questionnaires); or 3. full (also participate in in-office clinical studies).

Only dental professionals who practice in one of the United States or Territories are eligible for enrollment at the limited or full levels. Professionals outside of the United States may enroll at the informational level only.

Practitioners who previously participated in the Dental PBRN, PEARL or PRECEDENT networks are asked to re-enroll because of revised enrollment questions, the need to update information, and submit study research ideas.

The questionnaire is completed electronically, but if you would like to see a printed version first, please CLICK HERE. You can only complete the questionnaire if you have an email address.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Mathews, National Dental PBRN Program Manager, by email at nationaldpbrn@uab.edu.