Impact of Dental Practice-Based Research Networks on Patient Care

The overarching goal of DPBRN is to impact the practice of dentistry and improve patient care. A critical issue is assessing whether the research conducted is achieving this goal. The three NIDCR-funded PBRNs (DPBRN, NWPRECEDENT, and PEARL), collectively known as the “Collaboration on Networked Dental and Oral Health Research” (CONDOR), have developed a strategy for assessing the impact of practice-based dental research on the PBRN practices and on the practice of dentistry in general. The strategy involves the development and use of a core questionnaire that includes several questions from each PBRN that have been extracted from questionnaires previously administered as part of their initial research program activities.

This project comprises the first administration of this Core Questionnaire with the purpose of assessing dental practice changes that may have occurred since the earlier administration of the individual questions within the separate networks. It will also collect baseline information for the others. The Core Questionnaire will be re-administered at later points in time. In this manner changes in practice over time and concurrent with research results dissemination can be measured.