National Dental PBRN lecture at the University of Florida College of Dentistry

 Dr. Paul Benjamin, National Dental PBRN Practitioner-Investigator and Past-Executive Committee Member, returns to the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida to give a lecture to the rising sophomore evidence-based dentistry class

Dr. Benjamin, UF Class of 1976, has a busy general dental practice in Miami, Florida as well as a position as Courtesy Assistant Clinical Professor in the College of Dentistry’s Hialeah Dental Center in South Florida and the University of Miami College of Medicine’s Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Benjamin has also been a Practitioner-Investigator for the National Dental PBRN on six studies and he served as an executive committee member from 2008-2012.
The University of Florida’s Community Based Programs department, UF’s Statewide Network for Community Oral Health, invited Dr. Benjamin to present the closing lecture of a 12 lecture series for the Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD) course. He encouraged the students to consider two different significant aspects of evidence-based dentistry. “The first facet was to explain why the EBD course is important not just to graduate, but that it is actually something you will use for the rest of your career in helping you make the right decisions for the health care of your patients”. He continued by saying “ I wanted to show the students how someone like myself, a wet gloved practicing dentist for over 35 years, uses my growing knowledge of EBD to better help me understand the articles I am reading. Now I can critically appraise their content and better understand and grade the courses I take, which, in essence, has made me a more discerning scientist/dentist”.
In the second part of the lecture, Dr. Benjamin presented information concerning his involvement in the nation's network. He explained why he felt that being engaged in the network is a natural extension of evidence-based dentistry. “My hope was to show the students that what may seem, at first glance, a relatively dry topic, is actually not only central to being a well rounded scientist but it will help guide them over their career in analyzing all aspects of their practice”. He encouraged the students to join the National Dental PBRN to help the dental profession increase the volume of EBD studies in practices; “We need to help answer many of the question we have in the actual practice of dentistry”.