Practice-Based Root Canal Effectiveness Among Diabetics

Study PI: Dr. Gregg Gilbert, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Brief study description:

We have an innovative opportunity to develop the nation's only dental practice-based research network, which is called the Alabama Dental Practice Research Network.

Specific Aim 1 was to enhance the infrastructure and research capacity of the network. This aim was accomplished by enhancing the administrative structure of the network, by providing fundamental training in clinical research and human subjects precautions to network dentists, and by providing a communication infrastructure for network practices and the network administration, which will include an internet-based system.

Specific Aim 2 was to conduct a feasibility study to test data collection methods for a retrospective cohort study that tested the hypothesis that endodontic treatment (root canal) failure was significantly higher among dental patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 when compared to non-diabetic controls.

 This feasibility study provided a sound scientific foundation for an R01 application to investigate the potentially bi-directional relationship between diabetes mellitus type 2 and endodontic treatment failure, allowing us to determine whether diabetes contributes to poor endodontic healing, and whether inadequate endodontic healing can itself contribute to poor diabetic control.

Key study publications:


This study received primary funding by R21-DE-016033 (Alabama Dental Practice-Based Research Network Development).  Consequently, the responsibility for public access to data from this study lies with that grant.