Testimonials are a way for National Dental PBRN practitioner-investigators to provide feedback about activities, as well as encouragement and helpful insights to other practitioner-investigators. In addition to the video testimonials on our Videos page, the testimonials below are divided into three sections: general activities, study-specific activities, and testimonials from PBRN practitioners.  Please click on each of the links below to view the testimonials.

National Dental PBRN general activities

Specific National Dental PBRN studies

NIDCR Testimonials from PBRN practitioners (located under the map)

If you would like to provide a testimonial, please contact your Regional Coordinator:

for the South Central region:
Ellen Sowell esowell@uab.edu

for the South Atlantic region:
Deborah McEdward dmcedward@dental.ufl.edu

for the Midwest region:
Emily Durand emily.c.durand@healthpartners.com

for the Western region:
Lisa Waiwaiole lisa.ann.waiwaiole@kpchr.org

for the Northeast region:
Kathy Bohn kathy_bohn@urmc.rochester.edu

for the Southwest region:
Stephanie Reyes reyesS@uthscsa.edu