National Dental PBRN Orientation Video Viewing this video will fulfill the network orientation training requirement and you can earn 0.5 continuing education credits*. In order to receive continuing education credit, you must have a completed National Dental PBRN Enrollment Questionnaire on file.

Practitioners who have not enrolled in the National Dental PBRN
If you have not enrolled in the National Dental PBRN:
1. Complete the Enrollment Questionnaire. Enrollment takes approximately 30 minutes.
2. Once you have completed enrollment, you will be given instructions to return to this page to view the National Dental PBRN Orientation Video.
Enrolled National Dental PBRN practitioners
If you have already enrolled in the National Dental PBRN by completing the Enrollment Questionnaire:
1. View the National Dental PBRN Orientation Video.
2. Sign-in, complete a 10 question quiz, and earn a Certificate of Completion issuing 0.5 continuing education credits.

You can participate in research projects that benefit your practice with participation at one of three levels depending on your interest: 1. informational (receive newsletters and correspondence only); 2. limited (also participate in questionnaires); or 3. full (also participate in in-office clinical studies).

The training needed for any particular study protocol varies widely. Some studies, such as online questionnaires, do not require any training. Some studies require only that you read materials in advance and participate in a telephone conference call. Depending on the requirements in your region, you may be asked to complete Human Subjects Protection training. Most clinical studies, in which you collect data about patients, will require that you complete Human Subjects Protections training and have a protocol training session at your office with you and your staff.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers an online training course in how to properly conduct research with patients in your practice. You can proceed directly to the course by clicking on the "Step 1" web link below. If you prefer, we can mail you a printed version of the full course, which some find easier to deal with. After reading the materials, then all you would need to do is to log onto the NIH web site to answer some test questions to get your course certificate.

How do I get certified in "Human Participants Protection"?
Register or log in to the course at:

If you are part of the Western Region, please visit their regional website to complete your training. 

If your region requires CITI training, you will need to complete this course.
For the Northeast region, please read this document on instructions to complete your training. 

Please check with the Regional Coordinator in your region for more information: (Click on the appropriate region for contact information)

Western Region

Midwest Region

Southwest Region

South Central Region

South Atlantic Region

Northeast Region