Resource Sharing

The National Dental PBRN complies with the NIH Data Sharing PolicyThe policy stipulates that data are shared in a timely manner, defined as no later than the acceptance for publication of the main findings from the final data set.  A list of studies for which data collection has ended is provided on the Studies” tab of the network’s website.  Dataset(s) and data dictionaries are maintained by the network and made available after publication of the main findings.

Persons interested in obtaining study data should contact the National Network Director, Dr. Gregg Gilbert.  Applicants will be asked to specify in which study data they are interested, as well as to provide manuscript proposal(s) that will be reviewed by the National Dental PBRN Publications and Presentations Committee.  Manuscript proposal forms are publicly available on the network’s Publications page.  If approved at this stage -- specifically, results have not already been included in prior reports and the proposed analyses could indeed be conducted as described in the manuscript proposal -- the applicant may be encouraged to work with one of the National Dental PBRN biostatisticians and/or the Study Principal Investigator who is familiar with the study, owing to the complexity of datasets that is typical of network studies.  The applicant must also sign an agreement to abide by the network’s publications and presentations policies.  If an applicant is not interested in working closely with a network biostatistician and/or the Study Principal Investigator, the network can de-identify the requested dataset and provide the data to the applicant.