Studies for which we are currently recruiting

Anterior Openbite Malocclusions in Adults: Recommendations, Treatment, and Stability

A Pilot Study to Evaluate Feasibility and Acceptance of Oral HPV Detection in the National Dental PBRN

QuitAdvisorDDS: A Point-of-Care Tobacco Cessation Tool for Dental Settings

Leveraging Electronic Dental Record Data for Clinical Research

Factors for Successful Crowns

Ongoing studies that are closed to further enrollment

Management of Dentin Hypersensitivity

Decision Aids for the Management of Suspicious Occlusal Caries Lesions (SOCL)

Cracked Tooth Registry

Studies for which data collection has ended

Isolation Techniques Used When Performing Root Canal Treatment

Study Highlights: Dental Practice-Based Research Networks

PIRG 2011: impact of dental practice-based research networks on patient care

Diagnoses for Persistent Dentoalveolar Pain Following Root Canal Therapy

Infrastructure Update Survey

Primary Care Management for TMJD Pain (CONDOR TMJD Study)

Practice-Based Root Canal Treatment Effectiveness Among Diabetics and Non-Diabetics

Persistent Pain and Root Canal Therapy

Peri-Operative Pain and Root Canal Therapy

Impact of Dental Practice-Based Research Networks on Patient Care

Hygienists' Internet Tobacco Cessation Study

Longitudinal Study of Questionable Occlusal Caries Lesions

Prevalence of Questionable Occlusal Caries Lesions

Patient Satisfaction with Dental Restorations

Development of a Patient-Based Provider Intervention for Early Caries Management

Longitudinal Study of Repaired or Replaced Dental Restorations

Longitudinal Study of Dental Restorations Placed on Previously Unrestored Surfaces

Retrospective Cohort Study of Osteonecrosis of the Jaws

CONDOR Study of Osteonecrosis of the Jaws

Reasons for Replacement or Repair of Dental Restorations

Reasons for Placing the First Restoration on Permanent Tooth Surfaces

Assessment of Caries Diagnosis and Caries Treatment

An Internet Intervention to Improve Oral Cancer Prevention